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Apr 1, 2023 - Feb 28, 2024

Online 9th Grade Class Tuition


About the Course Class 9 OnlinePadhoTuition After school, promises to take the COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY of your child’s OnlinePadhoTuition by providing online classes for daily revision, tuition, homework assistance, and exam preparation for class 9. we ensure that every child gets the personal attention they need while studying. We help Students and make them understand the gaps in the concepts of each individual. At the end of the Session, we will share concept test reports to highlight gaps in conceptual understanding. We will also share a Discover Report which will highlight the academic plan for your child to achieve the target marks/grades for class 9 students. Why Class 9 Students Need Online Tuition OnlinePadhoTuition helps to make this transition smooth and easy by providing online classes for daily revision, tuition, homework assistance & exam preparation. Online classes for students have a lot of benefits which include flexibility of time and place, monitoring of classes, quality control, easy access to study material and assignments, and increased tutor-student one on one interaction among other things. Subjects Covered for Class 9 at OPT Online Tuition · English · Mathematics · Science · Biology · Physics · Chemistry · Social Studies · History · Geography · Economics · Political Science · 2nd Language (Hindi) Feel Free to Book a Class Now.

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