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Picture this: no more early mornings, rushing to catch the bus, or sitting in traffic. With online tuition, you have the power to learn whenever and wherever you want.
  • Any Subject from 1st to 10th Class.

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Vesshu from 2nd Grade , Delhi

My eight year old son, Veeshu, was beyond excited for his first video Tuition lesson. Tutor Atul and the lesson did not disappoint! Tutor was so knowledgeable, kind and PATIENT with our little Boy. Veeshu had so much fun and learned a ton. An absolutely awesome experience. he is surely joining the other sessions!!! -Pooja, Parent. 

Tamana Kumar from 8th Grade 

This has been a great experience for my daughter! Not only has she gained knowledge, she's also gained more confidence in her study's and able to complete homework on time. Best Tuition facility's in delhi, India. For child development! I highly recommend it! - Dharmveer kumar. (PARENT)

Sheetal devi 9th Math Class ( bengaluru, India )

I am so happy with my daughter growth its been two months since she joined the program and she is able to understand whole concepts of maths. OPT Platform is giving wonderful tutors. Atul Sir for 9th math tuition is best. I would higly recommed every parent to join. 
- Shubham ( Parents )
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