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What if I have any problem regarding the content, app, or any other query?

You can always write an email to us on or simply call us on our helpline number +919310919038 for further assistance.

How will it help me with school homework?

After attending one on one class with your tutor you will understand the chapter in detail. Once your doubts have been cleared and you have learned your concepts. You can also post your doubts to teachers and chat.

How is it better than nearby tuition?

We have handpicked the India Best expert Teachers on our platform. The one on one instant teacher intraction also gives you the flexibility of scheduling your class at your time. It does not require you to travel to the tuition centre and dress well. Solve your doubts instantly by connecting to Best Teacher.

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Will I get a demo class just to check the platform?

Yes, you can take the demo class to check the quality of our services. Just sign up with us and book a session.

Are you looking to get personalized and flexible studying area at your comfort. We got it all. Get a one on one tuition class experience with us. 

Experience our Tuition Classes and online education services

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